Usha Vasudevan

School Audit Expert, Head of CSR Operations & Chief Curriculum Head (Secondary Years)

“The one thing I’m convinced about, after three decades in the education space, is to trust respect and marvel at the learning capacity of children. I believe that the school and the teacher ought to open happy avenues of learning for every student, which will foster independence and self- respect.”

“Usha believes that every child is a work of art in the making while the teacher is the cornerstone of the educational system. Having managed teaching, administrative and supervisory roles for over three decades, in different educational institutes with the SSC, ICSE, CIE and IBO curricula, she is at her happiest in the classroom. Years of experience as a content developer and teacher resource expert for the Secondary Years (especially in Languages and Humanities), with a certification from the British Council as a Master Trainer for the IELTS Examination, have provided her with deep insights into the teaching–learning process. Her philosophy is simple: every experience can be changed into a learning opportunity. A prolific reader and a fervent environmentalist, Usha believes that a love for reading and concern for our planet should permeate every lesson and classroom.