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Atashi Patel

Business Development Head; Image Enhancer; Corporate & Soft Skills Trainer

“I believe that expression is the most important part of education and hope to aid in creating a learning environment that enables every child to learn through experience while also keeping in mind their unique abilities. I believe education must be child centric, and aimed at enhancing every child’s distinctive abilities to help them reach their true potential.”

The newest and youngest member of our team, Atashi, completed her MSc in Marketing and Strategy from the University of Warwick in United Kingdom before returning to pursue her passion in the field of education. She has trained students across various age groups for speech, drama, communication and theatre.

Atashi is extremely outgoing and loves her ability to hold conversation, and is particularly particular about her sense of style and fashion.
Young, energetic and assertive, she wants to work to benefit and better the education field in any and every way possible.