Secondary Face to Face

The Face -to-Face Secondary Courses benefit freshers and currently employed teachers who wish to enjoy the personal touch and mutual interaction of live sessions.

The limited class size and personal attention is an essential feature of the face-to-face training courses.  Participants can look forward to exciting,interactive sessions with expert facilitators, fun activities that deliver strong messages and meaningful assessments that reflect real- life scenarios.

The Secondary Teacher Training Courses are specifically designed for fresh B.Ed graduates and currently employed teachers who desire to join the teaching profession. Since Secondary teachers have subject – specific requirements to improve their skills, – both academic and class management, KA has designed modules that make learning exciting yet meaningful. The learning from these modules is hands-on and easily implementable while adhering to rigid standards of excellence and accuracy.

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Course Modules

The Secondary Teacher Training Course is thoughtfully divided into two sections: Course A and Course B, each with 12 modules

Course A


The Course A deals with the basic building blocks of teaching like Theories of Learning and Communication Skills to name a few.These modules are designed to equip participants with a set of practical classroom tools that will help them cope with the demands of middle -schoolers and youngsters in their teens.

Theories of / Approaches of Learning: Know Your Learner
This two -module session provides an overview of the theoretical framework of learning with reference to major theories and approaches relevant to the modern day classroom with a global perspective.
Creating empathy, Building Self-Esteem
This module enables the teacher to develop soft skills and use them in the classroom to build a sense of tolerance, empathy and sensitivity to others needs among the students.
Class Management: Managing Learners, Class Environment, Materials
This exhaustive two- module session covers several aspects of managing large numbers of students in a classroom with ease.
Behaviour Management- Conflict Resolution
This useful module supplies the teacher with tried and tested strategies to identify and reduce conflict
Instructional Design and Planning: Scope and Sequence, Goals, Objectives, Curriculum- Annual, Monthly, Weekly Plans
This modules gives teachers a big-picture view of the instructional process as well as the minute details of planning it.
Cooperative and Collaborative Learning, Questioning Skills and 6B Effective Teaching Strategies: Introduction Cooperative and Collaborative Learning, Questioning Skills
This module enables the teacher to understand and effectively implement group learning strategies within the classroom.
Inquiry- Based Learning, Problem- Based Learning
This module is particularly relevant in the modern world with easy availability of information . Teachers will be equipped with the theoretical and practical knowledge of how to plan, organise the structure and implement both types of learning effectively .
Using Graphic Organisers to teach and to help students learn
This module enables teachers to understand and explore the uses of various graphic organisers as a teaching, learning and assessment tool.
Differentiated Instruction
Every child is different and has different ways of learning. This module explores what Differentiated Instruction is and how to effectively implement it in the classroom.
Managing Learners with Special Needs
This module is the need of the hour with increasing numbers of students being diagnosed with learning difficulties. It will enable teachers to identify them early and work with their specific difficulties to bridge the gaps.
Assessment- Formative and Summative
Assessment is often considered to be written tests. This module outlines what assessment actually is and how to conduct assessment effectively to obtain an accurate and complete picture of the learners abilities and limitations.
Time Management
This module seeks to equip teachers with tried and tested strategies to improve their management of time to maximise the teaching-learning potential.

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Course B


The Course B builds on the foundational aspects of Course A to explore a newer and wider set of globally trending practices in greater depth. For example, Multiple Intelligences and the Flipped Classroom are strongly emerging trends in the Indian context which expand one’s vision of classroom teaching.

Developing Skills: Reading with a purpose/ Mathematics and Scientific Skills
Developing Skills: Reading with a purpose/ Mathematics and Scientific Skills Description: Each of these modules is a skill – based subject- specific module for Language –Humanities teachers and Mathematics-Science teachers. Each module will be addressed separately with specific reference to topics and strategies that are the best fit for each subject.
This module addresses the need for good communication skills for teachers to enable them to be effective teachers.
Emotional Intelligence: Building EQ in the Classroom
This module is very much the need of the day as it aims at empowering students to develop their emotional strength to cope with challenges.
Multiple Intelligences
This module enables teachers to understand the theory of Multiple Intelligences. The traditional definition of intelligence is very limited. Howard Gardner has identified nine intelligences instead of a single one that defines general ability.
Study Skills
This module enables the teacher to impart the necessary skills to the students in class to organise their study routine and internalise effective study techniques to make them independent learners.
Examination Skills
This module is of great relevance especially in the Secondary Years, especially when the students tend to learn by rote for examinations. Teachers can effectively improve the performance of their students in the examination by inculcating these skills, making them independent learners.
Developing Critical and Creative Thinking with Subject Specific Strategies
This module explains the importance of developing creative and critical thinking in students in an education system which encourages rote learning.
The Flipped Classroom
This is a brave new attempt teaching model which reverses the traditional system on its head. The students are exposed to study material at home and in-class time is used for exercises, projects or discussions and assessments
Learning Styles
Knowing how a child learns can open up immense possibilities for the teacher for effective teaching. This module examines the various Learning Styles and suggests various ways of adjusting teaching to suit every style – an important component of Differentiated Learning.
Trans disciplinary Learning
This approach to inquiry moves beyond just blending disciplines and links concepts and skills to real world/global issues.
Incorporating Technology into the Classroom
Technology has pervaded every aspect of life including the classroom. This module will help teachers cope effectively with the demands of the modern classroom.
Incorporating Environmental Awareness in the Classroom
‘Green’ skills have never been as crucial as they have been now. Starting young is the key to environmental conservation and sustainability.

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Enhancement of global knowledge and skills, while continuing to work


Enrichment of career progression


Higher productivity


Enhancement of student performance


Effective time management


Immediate Implementable tools and strategies

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