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This job-oriented pre-primary teachers training course offers significant employment opportunities for aspiring teachers. At KAEDU, we provide a comprehensive and specialized course structure for Kindergarten teacher training. Our modules are created with a combination of the best delivery techniques and advanced pedagogies for inculcating the necessary skills required by a professional educator.

We provide this training in enriching formats including demonstrations, illustrations, case studies, presentations, simulations, and field work for better understanding and clarity. We provide training programs in cities like Chennai, Kolkata, and Delhi to serve the diversified needs of all learners. On completion of this course, you will be awarded a certificate for desired career advancement.

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Course Modules

Course A


Course A is the foundational course for anyone who wishes to pursue a career in Early Childhood Care and Education. It focuses on preparing course participants to plan and provide activities, education and care for young children. Topics include theories of child development, lesson planning, strategies and learning aids for young learners.

What makes a good teacher? Teaching v/s Facilitation
This module aims at enabling students to brainstorm about the difference between ‘teaching’ and ‘facilitation’, weigh the pros and cons of each and choose the strategy that is most applicable to new age education.
Theories of and Approaches to Child Development and Learning
This module provides a theoretical background from global perspectives, essential to working with children, giving the students an opportunity to learn the work of well-known international early childhood education theorists; and apply this knowledge in the classroom setting.
Developmental Milestones in Early Learning Years
This module provides students with globally established standards and milestones that early learners meet during their growing years, thus enabling the students with a research based information for planning developmentally-appropriate lessons.
Scope and Sequence/ Vertical Articulation for Early Learning Years
This module aims at enabling students to create a vertical articulation chart within the Early Learning Years with annual targets/ syllabus for Nursery, Junior and Senior Kindergartens, clearly distinct from each other.
Resources, Strategies and Learning Aids, Designing Classroom Space, Classroom Management
This multi-faceted module is a combination of four sub-modules that include exposure to hands-on resources and learning aids, and equips students with strategies of how and when to use these. It also involves techniques and tips on designing the classroom space and behaviour management.
Lesson Planning and Time Tabling
This module aims at enabling students to ideate, create and implement lesson plans and learning experiences for preschoolers (Nursery to Senior Kg), understanding teaching strategies and best practices for the Early Learning Years.
This module provides students with easily applicable assessment tools for formative and summative assessment.
Effective Communication
This module aims providing students with an overview of communication techniques that can be used within and outside the classroom, with children, parents and colleagues.
Children with Special Needs
This module includes an overview of a teacher’s role in identifying and reporting any signs of exceptionality in children, as well as, handling children with special needs, planning lessons to integrate them and keep them meaningfully occupied in learning.
The Power of Play
This module aims at providing students with a holistic view of the importance and power of play in the classroom, its many benefits for children and ways to create play-based lessons and centres.
Homework: What can it include?
The debate about whether or not homework is important and what it should include to make it more meaningful will be addressed as part of this module.
Art, Music, Movement and Drama in the classroom
This module aims at providing students with tangible strategies, tools and techniques to incorporate the different arts in the classroom.

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Course B


Course B is the advanced modules encompassing learning from global education circles and inspired by international teaching-learning pedagogies like Multiple Intelligences, Differentiation and Inquiry Based Learning. The practical classroom field work at the end of this course ensures it is embedded into real life application.

Am I open minded?
This module aims at sensitizing students towards being a more accepting facilitator who listens and accordingly responds to the different needs of her learners, while enabling them to develop the skills of being an open-minded professional.
Inquiry- Based Learning
This is an intensive module focussing on the principles and techniques of planning Inquiry Based lessons with existing curricula to align pedagogical practices with the global scenario.
Differentiated Learning and Instruction
Another global practice module, this subject aims at equipping students with tools and strategies of planning and executing Differentiated Instruction in the classroom.
Multiple Intelligences
With a practical, applicable approach to Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, this hands-on module aims to provide an understanding of the theory and its execution to deliver holistic lessons that attend to every learner in the classroom.
Information Technology in the classroom
With a focus on providing basic IT skills to teachers, the aim of this module is to empower students with the use of simple applications and software programmes for planning and teaching.
Emotional Intelligence and EQ
The effect of attuning to a child’s emotional state comes to light in this module, as students get exposure to EI, EQ and how to use this knowledge in a classroom.
Event Planning and Co-ordination
An aspect of Early Childhood that is rapidly gaining momentum and importance, Event Planning and Co-ordination aims at equipping students with skills, checklists and ideas for planning and executing unique, one-of-a-kind events, in and outside the school setting.
Learning Centres
A module unique to KA EduAssociates, this module provides students with an understanding of the A-Z of setting up and using Learning Centres as effective tools of learning.
Read Alouds and Guided Reading
As ‘reading’ continues to be a key focus area of the Early Learning Years, this module becomes imperative and provides a focussed approach to inculcating a love for reading and books, in all children.
Me Time( morning meetings)
This module is KA EduAssociates version of Quality Circle Time, which aims at establishing the importance of morning meetings amongst students and how Me Time can be used effectively in daily programs for the Early Learning Years.
Leadership and Administration
Equipping student teachers with a module that aids career progression from ‘teacher’ to ‘co-ordinator’, this module is specially designed to hone administrative skills in students, thus giving them scope to move up the career ladder in fast track mode.
Life Skills Training and Safety, Health and Nutrition
A combination of two important subjects, this module aims at introducing students to deliver life skills training to learners, and maintain safety standards while at school.

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Certificate in Early Learning Years

This job-oriented pre-primary teachers training course offers significant employment opportunities for aspiring teachers.

Certificate In Primary Years

The Primary Teacher Training Courses are specifically designed for currently employed teachers looking to upgrade their skills to meet market requirements or for those who desire to join the teaching profession.

Certificate in Secondary Years


The Secondary Teacher Training Courses are specifically designed for fresh B.Ed graduates and currently employed teachers who desire to join the teaching profession.