Play is serious work!!!

Team KA | Oct 10, 2019

Albert Einstein once pointed out, ‘Play is the highest form of research!’ and probably proved it right with all his theories and inventions. But often in Kindergarten we forget this established fact. While most teachers and schools indulge their Pre-K students in free play like puzzles, beads, blocks and so on, this play-time is very restricted and structured, often due to impending curriculum and academic targets.

Early childhood education comes alive not only in preschools but also at home. Just like in this the image at the start of this blog. Bhargav, an inquisitive pre-schooler, who recently celebrated his third birthday was gifted this fancy set of Hotwheels car and track, excitedly by his parents- quite a typical gift you might think…! However, what Bhargav chose to play with his new gift in the most creative and unusual manner. While he spent about 1 and half minutes exploring the cars, he went to his bedside drawer to dig into his toy basket and find his favourite set of auto-rickshaws! While his parents knew of his love for the rickshaws, they were taken aback by surprise that Bhargav spent the next few hours trying to steer the rickshaws on the tracks, instead of the high-end cars. A future automobile engineer in the making, one might wonder?

But this is true of most of today’s generation of toddlers and pre-schoolers- who are innately curious risk-takers, spontaneous thinkers and quick decision-makers.

If one set of tracks and cars can lead a young child to think beyond boundaries, exhibiting critical and creative thinking, imagine what a whole world of play could do for them?!

We end this blog with a quick mind-map with what we think play can benefit children with:

Team KA