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Riddhi Savla Shah (Chief Academic Facilitator) | Jan 11, 2018

A child is like clay, and the teacher is the one who moulds the clay. Just Like fresh clay that  can be shaped into anything of desire, an adolescent can too be sculpted into an ethical individual. Knowledge is something that is very fluid, and there is always something new to learn. It is very important to stay up to date with the upcoming teaching methods.

With the everchanging trends, with new technology in the picture it is crucial that the teachers know and can cater to the needs of the new age students and classrooms. Operating the new systems of teaching like E-Learning and computer studies won’t come to you in your sleep and hence teachers are required to undertake certain training and classes themselves, which will help them to understand these new and modern ways of studying, which they can further teach to their pupils. One can opt for Online Teacher Training Courses to save time, or you could do it in the traditional pen and paper method.

The three basic types of training are; Training in Early Learning – is basically meant for new teachers who are just entering the world of teaching and parents looking to understand the psyche of their children. This course covers the basic cognitive development of any kid who has just started learning. This training is perfect if someone is looking to teach a classroom of preschoolers. Early learning is very important from the point of view of a new schooler because these years are the building blocks of a child’s education and cognitive development. This is the best time to teach an individual about team work, sharing, basic morals and relationships, and the best way to do this is by transitioning from theory to practical, because knowledge attained by practical means sticks for a longer time.

Training in Primary Learning is basically meant for professional teachers and parents looking to understand the development process of their child. Primary teaching courses are specifically targeted towards teachers who are teaching pupils starting from the age of four till the age of nine. Primary years are the most important in an individual’s life in terms of socializing and learning to care for others. Basic etiquette is formed in this period  and so are basic social skills. It is one of the most important parts of an individual’s development.  Primary years are the building blocks of an individuals’ life and it lays the foundation for secondary education.

Last but definitely not less important in any way, training in secondary learning is for anybody looking to upgrade their knowledge about the secondary education system, you could be a teacher or an individual looking to understand the learning process of older students. Secondary learning is the last stage before university, and hence it is the most important step in education. It enables a person to get used to the heavy volumes, and more complex methods of studying. Secondary education is an individual’s stepping stone into the real world, and actual competition. No level of education is at lower priority, all are equally important.

Before you get ready to teach, be well versed with the new and updated ways of education. This can be done through Online Teacher Training Courses or in the traditional, classroom, pen and paper method. For the best online course in training for teaching, the author of this article suggests KA EduAssociates

Riddhi Savla Shah (Chief Academic Facilitator)

A lecturer with the prestigious SNDT college, and having trained ECCE teachers before heading a Pre-Primary section in a leading South Mumbai school, Riddhi’s multifaceted personality has led her to successfully create and develop curriculum and resources for the Early Learning Years Programme, with a passion for multi-disciplinary and integrated learning. Awarded the prestigious “Best Trainer`` by the Dale Carnegie Training Institute and ``Best Academic Performance`` by the Asian International College, Riddhi’s youthful disposition adds to her depth of Early Childhood Education.