Why KA

The KA Advantage: Our USP as a Professional Development Initiative.

Quality, expert facilitators
Multidimensional approach – theory, practice and delivery
Need based customisation of modules
Interactive facilitation
Immediate implementation of module content
Wide-ranging data bank of anecdotal evidence
Sustained training
Post-implementation impact measurement tools
The KA Advantage

Enhancement of global knowledge and skills, while continuing to work

Teachers on the job often find upgradation of skills a real challenge due to the rigorous workload and the sheer lack of time. The best and perhaps only way to keep pace with global trends, the rapid changes and paradigm shifts in the education space is through sustained professional development.  KA positions itself effectively in making ‘tailor made’ and time- efficient Professional Development courses so that each strategy is immediately implementable in the classroom.

This “executive”, crisp and practical KAEdu initiative makes it easy to adopt enhancement of global knowledge and skills on the go,  as these courses are conducted after work hours. Teachers can walk away from a three- hour session with enhanced skills, ready to be implemented the very next day!

The KA Advantage

Enrichment of career progression

The Indian education system is in a phase of rapid growth and provides multiple opportunities for teachers to enhance their career prospects. With most administrations clearly defining career progression, it is critical for teachers to embrace these opportunities by acquiring and polishing their skills. Workshops and professional development courses are designed to empower and enrich teachers with such skills.

The KA team is mindful of this career progression and factors this in its module delivery.

The KA Advantage

Higher productivity

The hands-on approach and practical orientation provides teachers with strategies to remain time-efficient and focused. We, at KA, consistently sustain this through the modules delivered to ensure that this approach leads to overall efficiency for teachers and administrators.

The KA Advantage

Enhancement of student performance

The importance of quality training initiatives is crucial in the context of progressive educational pedagogies. The eventual recipient of all of the systems and processes of  teacher training and learning will be the student. Through our diagnostic programmes designed by our team, we can track student performance. For teachers taking on the KA modules, this is a value addition, because they will be able to customize their strategies based  upon their understanding of the student’s needs and current academic status.

The KA Advantage

Effective time management

The nature of these short -term modules enables the teacher to “learn on the go”. Our modules respect the teacher’s workload and help them manage time for professional development and upgradation of skills.

The KA Advantage

Immediate Implementable tools and strategies

Each module has been designed to cater to the needs of the teacher with a great deal of emphasis on case studies, simulations, group discussions, exemplars and interactive debates. These strategies will  orient teachers to the practical aspect of implementing some of the progressive and pioneering techniques in the education space.