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Yeh China

Yeh China education Private Limited was founded in 2010 and provides mandarin Chinese training services custom programs content development and translation and interpretation services to clients ranging from the top label schools to blue chip corporators across India.Along with our classroom programmes which is offered more than 35 schools in India , Yeh China also offers custom digital learning programmes from students starting from is group 3:5 years to the teachers training programs .Our vision is to strive to give our students real world skills and give them the latest international standard qualification in Mandarin Chinese language.

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Global Career Counselor: Asia’s top career counseling course in collaboration with University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Extension

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Energia SOI

Energia SOI gives you the tools and materials needed to help those who are struggling, challenge those who are gifted, and provide all students with a solid foundation to be successful in their academic careers.Energia SOI is a system of assessments and treatment materials that develop intellectual abilities. We equip people with the necessary intellectual skills to learn subject matter, do analytical thinking, become more creative, and learning how to learn.Those who have used Energia SOI tests and treatment materials have reported higher achievement, successful school and experiences, and improved self-concepts.

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KA Advantage


Enhancement of global knowledge and skills, while continuing to work


Enrichment of career progression


Higher productivity


Enhancement of student performance


Effective time management


Immediate Implementable tools and strategies