Do Early Childhood Leaders Need A Mini MBA?

Riddhi Savla Shah - Business Development Head & Chief Curriculum Head (Early Years) | Sep 30, 2019

Yes, I am an early childhood educator. Yes, we believe we change lives…we shape the future…we care for young children…we strive to make a difference…apart from teaching the ABCs and the 123s, and yes, even though it’s just ‘preschool’, we take it pretty seriously. Probably more seriously than we take anything else.

But I often wonder, in all this passion to change lives and add to our children’s skill sets, do we often forget that we need to change and upgrade our own skill sets too? To think of it, we all attend enough workshops and trainings, to keep updated, to learn and evolve – but what I am proposing or, rather, reflecting on is – may be early childhood professionals need to know more about something beyond ECE itself. People management, organizational behaviour, marketing, goal-setting, delegating – I know all this sounds like typical B-school jargon – but hey, think about it, if all of us passionate preschool professionals had a customized mini MBA that helped us plan for and manage our preschools better to pave the way for a quality early childhood program, wouldn’t life be much easier? Early childhood education in the 21st and the 22nd century demands an upgrade!

All those of us in the early childhood education industry, who have been homeroom teachers for a while now, and dream of having our own preschool someday, or of leading a team as Pre-Primary co-ordinator, or of managing a preschool as Centre Head – these are the kind of skills and competencies required. To be able to realise what kind of leader you are, to be able to stay emotionally aware of oneself and others, to be able to match pace with an ever-changing education industry, to be able to constantly motivate a team and simply to have a roadmap for 10 years down the road – wish our ECCEd courses had modules for these.

Unfortunately, they don’t! Most of us who led preschools or early years programs at high schools had to learn on the job, make mistakes, burn our hands, get fired for it, spend time researching or relying on others for help….before we got it right.

One way to be on top of things and still develop managerial and leadership skill sets is through taking up short online courses. Another is an initiative recently launched for the first time in the country by education management company, KA EduAssociates – The KA Early Childhood Education Leadership Retreat.

Over time, facilitators at KA have received training requests from ECE professionals pan-India to guide, train and empower them with management—specific skill sets. This gave birth to the KA Early Childhood Education Leadership Retreat – a day long workshop – the first of which is being hosted on October 5th 2019 at Casa Vista Montessori Preschool, customized for preschool owners, co-ordinators, centre heads, EYP/ PYP co-ordinators, activity centre heads and all those teachers aspiring to become leaders.

For more details, reach out to us at or 9768557306.

Riddhi Savla Shah - Business Development Head & Chief Curriculum Head (Early Years)

A lecturer with the prestigious SNDT college, and having trained ECCE teachers before heading a Pre-Primary section in a leading South Mumbai school, Riddhi’s multifaceted personality has led her to successfully create and develop curriculum and resources for the Early Learning Years Programme, with a passion for multi-disciplinary and integrated learning. Awarded the prestigious “Best Trainer`` by the Dale Carnegie Training Institute and ``Best Academic Performance`` by the Asian International College, Riddhi’s youthful disposition adds to her depth of Early Childhood Education.