Curriculum Development and Restructuring

A sound and robust curriculum forms the ‘heart’ of any learning institution. With its importance in formal education, the curriculum has become a dynamic process and we at KA believe that effective curriculum provides teachers, students, administrators and parents with a measureable plan and structure for delivering quality education.

We at KA develop the written curriculum for different school boards. We work with schools to provide them with end – end solutions as far as their curriculum is concerned. While developing curriculum and annual plans across different subject areas, our endeavor is to look at the curriculum through the approach of ‘ Backward planning’. Keeping assessments and key concept areas as the pivotal focus, learning activities and engagements are planned to give the learners a holistic experience.

While planning curriculum, we focus on identifying clear learning outcomes, standards, core competencies and skills that students must demonstrate as part of the learning process. It is our endeavor to provide teachers with clear guidelines to implement the curriculum, which acts as a road map for teachers and students to follow on the path of academic success.

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