• Course Duration 4 Months
  • Assessment Self / Peer / Teacher
  • Certificate Yes
  • Language English
  • Lessons 12
  • Course Capacity 32

Who can apply

  • What are the requirements?
  • Fresh graduates/ B.Ed/post -graduates who aspire to be teachers. A B.Ed degree is preferred.
  • Currently employed teachers looking for growth and furthering their knowledge and skills
  • Parents who would like to have a holistic view of child development
  • Proficiency in spoken and written English

Course Eligibility

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Course Objectives

The overall aim of this course  to produce professional teachers who have the theoretical knowledge and understanding, combined with practical skills, competencies and attitudes to teach to high national and international standards.

The main objectives of the course are as follows:

  • To help teachers develop knowledge, teaching competencies and performance skills and strategies  to cater to the needs of the new generation of learners
  • To provide the teachers with specific strategies to bridge the gap between theoretical understanding and practical application of educational principles
  • To empower the teachers to know, understand the requirements of content and methodology  across national and international curricula
  • To enable the teacher to develop a global perspective to her teaching and impart the same to the  learners
  • To sensitise the teachers to the personality and needs of the new-age learners and sustain the love of learning
  • To enhance the teachers ability to manage behavioural problems by using techniques of conflict resolution
  • To assist teachers to create creative and out-of –the –box activity based lesson plans that  interest and  engage the learners while  delivering  the content  effectively
  • To build an atmosphere of free inquiry in the classroom by using inquiry –based and problem- based models of learning
  • To enrich the  ability of the teacher to develop  effective and relevant  instructional materials  to enhance the teaching-learning process
  • To equip the teachers with the necessary knowledge and techniques of effectively managing large student numbers in the  classroom
  • To impart to the teachers tried and tested strategies to manage time effectively
  • To enhance the teacher’s  knowledge, understanding and practical implementation of assessment strategies
  • To provide the teachers with differentiation strategies to adjust the curriculum, teaching methods and assessment  to the needs of the learners
  • To enable teachers to understand and integrate technology and IT  effectively  and seamlessly into the teaching learning process
  • To build /enhance the confidence and self-esteem of the teacher and to create a supportive and non-intimidating classroom atmosphere.

Delivery Method

Course Modules

Developing Skills: Reading with a purpose/ Mathematics and Scientific Skills
Developing Skills: Reading with a purpose/ Mathematics and Scientific Skills Description: Each of these modules is a skill – based subject- specific module for Language –Humanities teachers and Mathematics-Science teachers. Each module will be addressed separately with specific reference to topics and strategies that are the best fit for each subject.

This module addresses the need for good communication skills for teachers to enable them to be effective teachers.

Emotional Intelligence: Building EQ in the Classroom
This module is very much the need of the day as it aims at empowering students to develop their emotional strength to cope with challenges.

Multiple Intelligences
This module enables teachers to understand the theory of Multiple Intelligences. The traditional definition of intelligence is very limited. Howard Gardner has identified nine intelligences instead of a single one that defines general ability.

Study Skills
This module enables the teacher to impart the necessary skills to the students in class to organise their study routine and internalise effective study techniques to make them independent learners.

Examination Skills
This module is of great relevance especially in the Secondary Years, especially when the students tend to learn by rote for examinations. Teachers can effectively improve the performance of their students in the examination by inculcating these skills, making them independent learners.

Developing Critical and Creative Thinking with Subject Specific Strategies
This module explains the importance of developing creative and critical thinking in students in an education system which encourages rote learning.

The Flipped Classroom
This is a brave new attempt teaching model which reverses the traditional system on its head. The students are exposed to study material at home and in-class time is used for exercises, projects or discussions and assessments

Learning Styles
Knowing how a child learns can open up immense possibilities for the teacher for effective teaching. This module examines the various Learning Styles and suggests various ways of adjusting teaching to suit every style – an important component of Differentiated Learning.

Trans disciplinary Learning
This approach to inquiry moves beyond just blending disciplines and links concepts and skills to real world/global issues.

Incorporating Technology into the Classroom
Technology has pervaded every aspect of life including the classroom. This module will help teachers cope effectively with the demands of the modern classroom.

Incorporating Environmental Awareness in the Classroom
‘Green’ skills have never been as crucial as they have been now. Starting young is the key to environmental conservation and sustainability.

KA Advantage


Enhancement of global knowledge and skills, while continuing to work


Enrichment of career progression


Higher productivity


Enhancement of student performance


Effective time management


Immediate Implementable tools and strategies

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