• Course Duration 4 Months
  • Assessment Self / Peer / Teacher
  • Certificate Yes
  • Language English
  • Lessons 12
  • Course Capacity 32

Who can apply

  • Freshers who aspire to be teachers
  • Currently employed teachers looking for growth and furthering their knowledge and skills
  • Parents who would like to have a holistic view of child development
  • Students who complete Course A

Course Eligibility

  • Proficiency in spoken and written English, HSC qualification
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Course Objectives

  • To equip teachers with necessary skills to cater to new-age learners
  • To introduce and enhance existing pedagogies
  • To facilitate transition from theory to practice for child- centric learning
  • To create unique, inquiry or project based, child-centric lesson plans for different subject areas and different age groups
  • To understand and apply different methods and materials (strategies and resources) for teaching-learning
  • To enhance the communication skills of teachers and provide them with applicable techniques to communicate with children, parents and colleagues
  • To gain an understanding of syllabus/ curriculum expectations as global benchmarks, for different age and developmental groups
  • To empower teachers with immediate implementation of module content
  • To share and learn from anecdotal evidence from a wide-ranging data bank of real life experiences
  • To learn various techniques of formative and summative assessments in schools

Delivery Method

All modules will include a well thought out combination of different delivery techniques, a few of which are listed below:

  • audio-visuals
  • group work
  • demonstrations
  • handouts
  • presentations
  • case studies
  • internet links
  • individual assignments and reports
  • role plays and simulations
  • micro-teaching
  • sharing of best practices
  • field work (exposure to an actual school environment)

Course Modules

Am I open minded?
This module aims at sensitizing students towards being a more accepting facilitator who listens and accordingly responds to the different needs of her learners, while enabling them to develop the skills of being an open-minded professional.

Inquiry- Based Learning
This is an intensive module focussing on the principles and techniques of planning Inquiry Based lessons with existing curricula to align pedagogical practices with the global scenario.

Differentiated Learning and Instruction
Another global practice module, this subject aims at equipping students with tools and strategies of planning and executing Differentiated Instruction in the classroom.

Multiple Intelligences
With a practical, applicable approach to Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, this hands-on module aims to provide an understanding of the theory and its execution to deliver holistic lessons that attend to every learner in the classroom.

Information Technology in the classroom
With a focus on providing basic IT skills to teachers, the aim of this module is to empower students with the use of simple applications and software programmes for planning and teaching.

Emotional Intelligence and EQ
The effect of attuning to a child’s emotional state comes to light in this module, as students get exposure to EI, EQ and how to use this knowledge in a classroom.

Event Planning and Co-ordination
An aspect of Early Childhood that is rapidly gaining momentum and importance, Event Planning and Co-ordination aims at equipping students with skills, checklists and ideas for planning and executing unique, one-of-a-kind events, in and outside the school setting.

Learning Centres
A module unique to KA EduAssociates, this module provides students with an understanding of the A-Z of setting up and using Learning Centres as effective tools of learning.

Read Alouds and Guided Reading
As ‘reading’ continues to be a key focus area of the Early Learning Years, this module becomes imperative and provides a focussed approach to inculcating a love for reading and books, in all children.

Me Time( morning meetings)
This module is KA EduAssociates version of Quality Circle Time, which aims at establishing the importance of morning meetings amongst students and how Me Time can be used effectively in daily programs for the Early Learning Years.

Leadership and Administration
Equipping student teachers with a module that aids career progression from ‘teacher’ to ‘co-ordinator’, this module is specially designed to hone administrative skills in students, thus giving them scope to move up the career ladder in fast track mode.

Life Skills Training and Safety, Health and Nutrition
A combination of two important subjects, this module aims at introducing students to deliver life skills training to learners, and maintain safety standards while at school.

KA Advantage


Enhancement of global knowledge and skills, while continuing to work


Enrichment of career progression


Higher productivity


Enhancement of student performance


Effective time management


Immediate Implementable tools and strategies

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